IQ & Pussel

IQ-test clones online

There are a lot of online IQ tests that mimic established tests, like Ravens matrices or the WAIS. Here are a few of them.

High range tests

Most established IQ tests aren't very accurate above about IQ 135 (sd=15). If you want to find out where your upper limit are, high range tests might be useful. Above that they tend to be very entertaining! On most of them there's no time limit. Many test creators charge a small correction fee. There are also a few free tests, i.e. my own Hat-triq, hosted on this site.

There are roughly three types of high range tests, and combinations thereof; spatial, verbal and numerical. Listed here are the tests that I've found the most beautiful and entertaining in each category, plus a few test collections.

As a first high range test I recommend CFNSE. This is a free and self-scoring test, that measures IQ between 135 and about 155 (sd=15). CFNSE contains both numerical and spatial items.

Spatial tests

Verbal tests

Numerical tests