Hat-triq is going away. See announcement.

Test qualities and structure

Hat-triq was designed to measure high levels of general intelligence. Though a positive correlation with IQ test scores exists, this is not enough to conclude that Hat-triq is a good instrument to measure the G-factor. The IQ score you obtain on this test may indicate your true level, but please take it with a grain of salt.

The test is mostly culture fair, but you must be able to read and understand instructions in english. Failure to do so is likely to result in a lower score!

The test is divided into three parts (hence its name): I - Matrix reasoning, II - Analogies and III - Picture completion.


Every correct answer brings one point to the total raw score. Norm calculation methods is experimental, using score pairs with other high range IQ tests, who in turn also use experimental methods to calculate norms. Current norm can be found here. It is not static but will improve with more submissions.

Test taking instructions

In all items you should look for the simplest among the most complete solutions. It is not enough to represent the correct pattern in your answer, it must also be applied in the best possible way. There is no time limit, and I recommend working on it over a period of at least two weeks. References are allowed but probably not useful. Drawings must be accurate enough to avoid ambiguity. Only one submissions is allowed. Do not discuss items with others before or while taking the test. It is strictly forbidden to discuss items or solutions in public!

To receive a score report via e-mail, send solutions along with the following information to
Full name:
E-mail address:
All prior scores on standardized and high range IQ tests (include as much data as you can provide, i.e. raw score, IQ and standard deviation, date etc.):
If you do not want your name, or just want your initials, to appear on the online scorelist then please state that. (This can of course be changed later by simply dropping me an e-mail.)

To process the exam I request a small fee of about $10 (the exact amount is not important) to be payed via paypal using If you want to send solutions and/or money via ordinary mail, please contact me via e-mail and I will give you further instructions. Scoring is free to ERGO members.

Have fun!

The main purpose of this test is to amuse and to entertain. I hope you will have fun solving Hat-triq!

Andreas Andersson, Nissafors 2010-12-29

Download the test as pdf (recommended).

Thanks to Stefan Langemalm for valuable input, and to Samuel Andersson for building the website.
Published in june 2012, this is the third and probably final version of Hat-triq. With this revision the test is no longer free, instructions and information were partly rewritten, items were rearranged after resolution frequency and five bad items were removed from the test. All remaining items seems to be very good! The first revision was in april 2011 and the test was originally published in january 2011. Everyone who have submitted solutions to Hat-triq before the final revision should have recieved a new score report and an e-mail with information about this revision. If you took the test prior to june 2012 and have not recieved these letters: Please contact me at